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For the following protocols, which one provides a mechanism to transparently intercept and redirect CIFS traffic from a client to a local Cisco Wida Area Application engine?

A.    Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)
B.    File Transport Protocol (FTP)
C.    Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP)
D.    Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP)

Answer: D

For the following items,what is the mathematical relationship between the committed information rate (CIR), committed burst (Bc), and committed rate measurement interval (Tc)?

A.    CIR = TC / Bc
B.    CIR = Be / Tc
C.    Tc = CIR / Bc
D.    Tc = Bc / CIR

Answer: D

When two bridges are competing for the root bridge of an IEEE 802.1D spanning tree and both have the same bridge priority configured, which parameter determines the winner?

A.    highest-numbered IP interface
B.    MAC address
C.    device uptime
D.    root port cost

Answer: B

Study the exhibit carefully. In this network, if all required configurations are true for routing. Subnet is sourced by PG-A and advertised via BGP, OSPF, and EIGRP. Finally, PG-G knows this subnet. Which routing protocol and administrative distance can be used by PG-G to reach subnet

A.    EIGRP, AD 90
B.    EIGRP, AD 170
C.    OSPF, AD 110
D.    BGP, AD 20

Answer: A

For the following ports, which port is on every bridge in a Spanning Tree Protocol IEEE 802.1w network except the root bridge?

A.    root port
B.    backup port
C.    designated port
D.    alternate port

Answer: A

IEEE 802.1w is a Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) that can be seen as an evolution of the 802.1 standard. What are the port roles described by 802.1w?

A.    root port, designated port, alternate port, backup port, and disabled
B.    standby port, alternate port, root port, and disabled
C.    standby port, designated port, backup port, and disabled
D.    root port, designated port, alternate port, and standby port

Answer: A

This question is about the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) root guard feature. What is the STP root guard feature designed to prevent?

A.    a root port being transitioned to the blocking state
B.    a port being assigned as a root port
C.    a port being assigned as an alternate port
D.    a root port being transitioned to the forwarding state

Answer: B

As a network engineer, you responsibility is to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot networks. In your company’s network, EIGRP is the routing protocol. You have just discovered that two routers restarted the neighbor relationship. Why? (Select two.)

A.    An update packet with init flag set from a known, already established neighbor relationship was received by one of the routers.
B.    The counters were deleted.
C.    The ARP cache was removed.
D.    The IP EIGRP neighbor relationship was cleared manually.

Answer: AD

Which two statements are true about the role of split horizon? (Choose two.)

A.    It is a function used by routing protocols to install routes into routing table
B.    It is a function that prevents the advertising of routes over an interface that the router is using to reach a route
C.    Its function is to help avoid routing loops.
D.    It is a redistribution technique used by routing protocols

Answer: BC

You are a network technician at Lead2pass.com, study the exhibit carefully. In this EIGRP network, the output of the command show interface for the link between PG-R2 and PG-R5 indicates that the link load varies between 10 and 35. Which K value setting will be used to make sure that this link is not used by EIGRP when the link load reaches 35, but can be used again when the link load drops below 20?

A.    Link load is not read in real time, so there is no way to set the K values to make EIGRP choose to use or not use a link based on the link load.
B.    There is not enough information in the question to determine the correct answer.
C.    Use the K5 setting to include load in EIGRP’s metric calculations.
D.    Use the K2 setting to include load in EIGRP’s metric calculations.

Answer: A

Passleader 350-001 Braindumps Help You Pass Exam With 100% Money Back


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