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You deployed new fibers in your network to replace copper spans that were too long. While reconnecting the network, you experienced network problems because you reconnected wrong fibers to wrong ports. What could you do to prevent this type of problem in the future, particularly when connecting and reconnecting fiber pairs?

A.    Only use fiber in pairs.
B.    Configure root guard on your switches.
C.    Do not use fiber but use copper.
D.    Configure UDLD to prevent one-way link conditions.

Answer: D

While deploying a new switch, you accidently connect ports 3/12 and 3/18 together, creating a loop. STP detected it and placed port 3/18 in blocking mode. Why did STP not place port 3/12 in blocking mode instead?

A.    Port 3/12 was already up and forwarding before the loop was created.
B.    Port priority is based on lowest priority and lowest port number.
C.    You connected the wire on port 3/18 last.
D.    None of the above, it is purely random.

Answer: B

What keywords do you need to the access-list to provide to the logging message like source address and source mac address?

A.    Log
B.    Log-input
C.    Log-output
D.    Logging

Answer: B

The OSPF RFC 3623 Graceful Restart feature allows you to configure IETF NSF in ultivendor networks. When using OSPF Graceful Restart, which mechanism is used tocontinue forwarding packets during a switchover?

A.    Reverse Path Forwarding
B.    Hardware-based forwarding
C.    UDP forwarding
D.    Layer 2 Forwarding

Answer: B

Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a data-carrying mechanism that belongs to the family of packet-switched networks. For an MPLS label, if the stack bit is set to1, which option is true?

A.    The stack bit will only be used when LDP is the label distribution protocol
B.    The label is the last entry in the label stack.
C.    The stack bit is for Cisco implementations exclusively and will only be used when TDP is the label distribution protocol.
D.    The stack bit is reserved for future use.

Answer: B

You work as a network engineer for the company, you want to configure two BGP speakers to form an EBGP session across a firewall. On the engineer’s network, the firewall always permits TCP sessions that are initiated from the inside network (the network attached to the inside interface of the firewall). What prerequisite is there for enabling BGP to run on this network?

A.    EBGP multihop will need to be configured for this to work.
B.    This should work with normal BGP peering, with no additional configuration on the BGP speakers or the firewall.
C.    The BGP protocol port must be opened on the firewall
D.    There is no way to make BGP work across a firewall.

Answer: C

For the following LMI types, which three can be configured for use with Frame Relay on a Cisco router? (Choose three.)

A.    Cisco
B.    ANSI – Annex D
C.    Q.931 – Annex B
D.    Q.933 – Annex A

Answer: ABD

A user has no network connectivity. A check of the associated port indicates that the interface is up, the line protocol is down. Which item would most likely cause this problem?

A.    Speed mismatch
B.    Incorrect encapsulation
C.    MTU set too low
D.    Duplex mismatch

Answer: A

Which three statements are true about Source Specific Multicast? (Choose three.)

A.    Is best suited for applications that are in the one-to-many category.
B.    SSM uses shortest path trees only.
C.    The use of SSM is recommended when there are many sources and it is desirable to keep the amount of mroute state in the routers in the network to a
D.    There are no RPs to worry about

Answer: ABD

Which is the result of enabling IP Source Guard on an untrusted switch port that does not have DHCP snooping enabled?

A.    DHCP requests will be switched in the software, which may result in lengthy response times.
B.    The switch will run out of ACL hardware resources.
C.    All DHCP requests will pass through the switch untested.
D.    The DHCP server reply will be dropped and the client will not be able to obtain an IP address.

Answer: D

Passleader 350-001 Braindumps Help You Pass Exam With 100% Money Back


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