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Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: P2070-091
Exam Name: IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise SearchProduct Fundamentals Technical Sales Mastery Test v1

LanguageWare Resources includes the following, EXCEPT for _________________

A.    Parsing rules.
B.    Dictionaries.
C.    Correlation.
D.    Break rules.
E.    Character rules.

Answer: C

Comma separated value (csv) files are supported in several different capacities. Which of the following is NOT correct?

A.    You can import a csv file to create or add words to a custom user dictionary.
B.    You can export documents as csv files.
C.    You can export query statistics to a csv file.
D.    You can import csv files and add them to a search collection.

Answer: D

The Real-time NLP API has the following requirements, EXCEPT for:

A.    The collection can either be a search collection or a text analytics collection.
B.    The collection’s search session must be running.
C.    The collection’s parse and index sessions must be running.
D.    The NLP REST API accepts both text and binary content.

Answer: A

ICA provides a software component that enables users to search multiple repositories with a single query and view only the documents that they are allowed to see without requiring a Single Sign-ON (SSO) policy. What is this component called?

A.    Real time natural language processing API.
B.    REST APIs.
C.    Identity management API.
D.    Plug-in APIs.

Answer: C

Regarding Field filters, which of the following statements is FALSE?

A.    You can change field values to all lowercase or all uppercase.
B.    Field filters can map, split, trim or replace strings within field values.
C.    If multiple field filters exist for a given search field, the parser applies the newest filter first.
D.    Field filters require a condition to be met.

Answer: C

New Update Actual P2070-091 Practice Tests Help You 100% Pass Exam


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