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Answer: A QUESTION 2Which of the following is a building working model of a database system? A.    PrototypingB.    Bottom-up approachC.    Conceptual database designD.    Top-down approach Answer: A QUESTION 3You are the database administrator for a MySQL database server. The network contains new and old (pre-4.1) clients. You configure another database server on the network. You allow the network clients to connect to the new server. Some users complain that when they try to connect to the server, they receive the following error:ERROR 1251: The client does not support authentication protocol requested by the server; consider upgrading MySQL clientYou do not want to upgrade any client or server right now, and want to enable all clients to connect to the new server successfully. Which of the following steps will you take to resolve the issue? A.    Run the server with the --secure-auth option.B.    Run the server with the --old-password option.C.    Run the server with the --allow-old option.D.    Run the server with the --enable-old option. Answer: B QUESTION 4Which of the following steps in database planning is used to record an object so that it is represented visually in the system? A.    Identifying the relationships between objectsB.    Gathering informationC.    Object identificationD.    Object modeling Answer: D QUESTION 5Remo works as a Database Designer for Tech Inc. He wants to create a table named Product. He issues the following query to create the Product table:CREATE Product (ProductID Char (10) NOT NULL,OrderID Char (10) NULLProductName Varchar NOT NULL,Primary key (OrderID, ProductID))What are the errors in the above query? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two. A.    An attribute declared as a primary key cannot contain NULL values.B.    Each attribute should be defined as a primary key separately.C.    A table cannot have two primary keys.D.    ProductName is declared as Varchar without specifying the width of the column. Answer: AD QUESTION 6What is the relationship between the foreign key and primary key? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. A.    A foreign key constraint works in conjunction with a primary key constraint to enforce referential integrity among related entities.B.    A foreign key ties attribute(s) of an entity to the primary key of another entity, for the purpose of creating a dependency.C.    There is no relationship between a primary key and a foreign key.D.    A foreign key and a primary key create a link between two entities. Answer: AB QUESTION 7Mark works as a Database Administrator for DataWorld Inc. The company has a SQL Server database. Management instructs him to ensure that no inconsistent data is entered in the database. Which of the following will help him to accomplish the task? A.    Referential integrityB.    AbstractionC.    EncryptionD.    AuthenticationE.    Native auditing Answer: A QUESTION 8You work as a Database Designer for Netwell Inc. The database has a table named Project, which is depicted below:ProjectIDProjectNameTaskIDTaskNameAMacwellDesignAMacwellCodingBVintechDesignBVintechCodingIs the table given above in normalized form? If not, then which normal form (NF) is violated? A.    The table is in normal form, as each cell contains only one value.B.    3NFC.    1NFD.    2NF Answer: BD QUESTION 9Which of the following statements about rebuilding an index is true? A.    The NOLOGGING and ONLINE keywords can never be used together.B.    Without the ONLINE keyword the index is locked for any DML operation.C.    The NOLOGGING and ONLINE keywords are always used together.D.    Without the ONLINE keyword the index is locked for the SELECT operation. Answer: B QUESTION 10You work as a Database Administrator for Bell Ceramics Inc. An employee of the company has fired a query, including a DML statement, such as INSERT, against a table named Sales. You notice that the DML statement has not executed. What will you do to resolve the issue? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two. A.    Clean up all the uncommitted transactions on the Sales table.B.    Add more space to the tablespace and increase the users quota on the tablespace.C.    Provide redundant network paths from the client computer to the server along with additional listener connections on the Oracle server and redundant network cards on the Oracle server.D.    Provide an appropriate privilege or create views on the Sales table, and grant privileges on the view. Answer: BD QUESTION 11You work as a Database Developer for GraySoft Inc. You are designing a database to record information about potential customers. You create a table named ProductInquiry for the database. The table is given below:You want to uniquely identify the product in which a customer is interested. Choose the columns on which a PRIMARY KEY constraint needs to be created to accomplish this. Answer: QUESTION 12Which of the following is the process of extracting trails on a regular basis so that they can be transferred to a designated security system where the database administrators do not have access? A.    Native auditingB.    AbstractionC.    Database securityD.    Encryption Answer: A QUESTION 13You manage a large database named Sales. The Sales database contains a table named OrderDetails, which is a heavily transacted table with frequent inserts. Indexes in the table often become fragmented due to excessive page splitting. You want to minimize the amount of fragmentation due to page splits. What should you do? A.    Update the statistics on the indexes.B.    Change the fillfactor for the indexes to 100.C.    Change the fillfactor for the indexes to 60.D.    Change the fillfactor for the indexes to 0. Answer: C QUESTION 14You are the database administrator of a MySQL server that runs on a Windows server. All clients are local clients. For security, you want to disable connections from the remote clients. Which of the following steps will you take to accomplish the task? A.    Start the server with the --disable-networking option.B.    Start the server with the --shared-memory option.C.    Start the server with the --skip-networking option.D.    Start the server with the --secure-auth option. Answer: C QUESTION 15Which of the following statements is true about referential integrity? A.    It checks that no component of a primary key can have a null value and no duplicate entries can exist.B.    It checks that the value of a primary key must be consistent throughout the life of an instance.C.    It distinguishes between null values and zero entries.D.    It checks that no record in a child table can exist if its corresponding record is not available in the parent table. 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