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[Feb-2016 Update] Free Download PassLeader 300-320 New Practice Test With New VCE Files (61-80)

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The network engineering team is interested in deploying NAC within the enterprise network to enhance security. What deployment model should be used if the team requests that the NAC be logically inline with clients?

A.    Layer 2 in-band
B.    Layer 2 out-of-band
C.    Layer 3 in-band
D.    Layer 3 out-of-band

Answer: B

Which authentication framework is used in wireless networks and point-to-point connections?

A.    EAP
B.    L2TP
C.    TKIP
D.    PPP

Answer: A

What is one reason to implement Control Plane Policing?

A.    allow OSPF routing protocol to advertise routes
B.    protect the network device route processor from getting overloaded by rate limiting the incoming control plane packets
C.    allow network devices to generate and receive packets
D.    protect the data plane packets

Answer: B

Port security supports which type of port?

A.    SPAN destination port
B.    EtherChannel port-channel port
C.    nonnegotiating trunk port
D.    DTP-enabled trunk port

Answer: C

Which protocol is required for end-to-end signaling in an IntServ QoS architecture?

A.    RSVP
B.    DSCP
C.    ToS
D.    LLQ
E.    DiffServ

Answer: A

Which three options are benefits of using VRFs within an enterprise network? (Choose three.)

A.    simplifies configuration and troubleshooting
B.    enables partitioning of network resources
C.    enhances security between user groups
D.    provides additional redundancy at Layer 3
E.    allows for routing and forwarding separation
F.    improves routing protocol convergence

Answer: BCE

Which option is a common cause of congestion found in a campus network?

A.    input serialization delay
B.    output serialization delay
C.    Rx-queue starvation
D.    Tx-queue starvation

Answer: D

Which two protocols are used for high availability in enterprise networks? (Choose two.)

A.    BGP
B.    GLBP
C.    RSTP
D.    VRRP
E.    OSPF

Answer: BD

Which three major points are important for network virtualization to separate logical networks on a shared physical infrastructure? (Choose three.)

A.    VLANs
B.    data plane
C.    control plane
D.    VPNs
E.    VSANs
F.    management plane

Answer: BCF

Which VRF component ensures control plane separation between the different Layer 3 VPNs?

A.    FIB
B.    routing protocol instance
C.    RIB
D.    a subset of the router interfaces

Answer: B

Which option is the Cisco recommendation for data oversubscription for access ports on the access-to-distribution uplink?

A.    4 to 1
B.    20 to 1
C.    16 to 1
D.    10 to 1

Answer: B

Which two modes does LACP support? (Choose two.)

A.    on
B.    passive
C.    associated
D.    link

Answer: AB

Which option describes why duplicate IP addresses reside on the same network in Cisco network design?

A.    HSRP designed network
B.    using Cisco ACE in active/passive mode
C.    VRRP designed network
D.    running multiple routing protocols

Answer: B

When an enterprise network is designed, which protocol provides redundancy for edge devices in the event of a first-hop failure?

A.    ICMP
B.    HSRP
C.    STP
D.    HTTP

Answer: B

Which two ways to support secure transport of multicast traffic are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Use spoke-to-spoke design.
B.    Use IPsec over GRE tunnel.
C.    Use GET VPN.
D.    Use NBMA instead of broadcast.
E.    Disable encryption for multicast traffic.

Answer: BC

Which two ways to manage scalability issues inside an IBGP domain with 20 or more routers are recommended? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure route reflectors.
B.    Use OSPF instead of EIGRP as an underlying routing protocol.
C.    Create a full mesh at Layer 1.
D.    Configure confederations.
E.    Configure static routes between all routers.

Answer: AD

Which multicast implementation strategy provides load sharing and redundancy by configuring intradomain RPs as MSDP peers?

A.    anycast RP
B.    auto-RP
C.    bootstrap router
D.    static RP

Answer: A

Which option maximizes EIGRP scalability?

A.    route redistribution
B.    route redundancy
C.    route filtering
D.    route summarization

Answer: D

Which practice is recommended when designing scalable OSPF networks?

A.    Maximize the number of routers in an area.
B.    Minimize the number of ABRs.
C.    Minimize the number of areas supported by an ABR.
D.    Maximize the number of router adjacencies.

Answer: C

Which two options improve BGP scalability in a large autonomous system? (Choose two.)

A.    route reflectors
B.    route redistribution
C.    confederations
D.    communities

Answer: AC


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