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[23/Aug/2019 Updated] PassLeader 70-741 PDF Dumps And VCE Dumps For Free Download

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You plan to deploy a Software Defined Networking (SDN) infrastructure. Which service provides name resolution for the virtual machines on a tenant network?

A.    a smart host
B.    Network Controller
C.    iDNS
D.    iSNS

Answer: C

You have a server named Server1 that connects directly to multiple networks. You need to configure Server1 as a BGP router. What should you install on Server1?

A.    the MultiPoint Services server role
B.    the Network Policy and Access Services server role
C.    the Network Controller server role
D.    the Routing role service

Answer: D

You want to test DANE and TLSA records in your testing environment. You want to use only certificates that do not have to be signed by a valid CA. Which value should you use for the Certificate Usage parameter when you create your TLSA records with the PowerShell cmdlet Add-DnsServerRecourseRecord?

A.    Service Certificate Constraint
B.    Domain Issued Certificates
C.    CAConstraint
D.    TrustAnchor Assertion

Answer: B

What are two core functionalities of DANE? (Choose two.)

A.    Enables you to specify which CA is allowed to issue certificates for a resource.
B.    Authenticates TLS client and server entities without a Certificate Authority.
C.    Improves DNS response performance from Windows Server 2016 DNS servers.
D.    Simplifies certificate validation in a mixed IPv4/IPv6 environment.

Answer: AB

You want to configure your Windows Server 2016 VPN server so that only EAP authentication protocol connections are allowed. Which PowerShell cmdlet can you use to verify which user authentication protocols your VPN server accepts?

A.    Get-VpnConnection
B.    Get-VpnServerConfiguration
C.    Get-VpnS2Sinterface
D.    Get-VpnAuthProtocol

Answer: D

Your Windows Server 2016 NPS server works as a RADIUS server. It stops processing connection requests and prevents users from accessing network resources. The NPS server is configured to use local NPS log files. Which configuration can prevent such problems? (Choose three.)

A.    Keep NPS log files separate from the system partition.
B.    Use an NPS replica server.
C.    Use a RADIUS server group.
D.    Use SQL logging instead of NPS log files.

Answer: ACD

Which command do you have use if you want to use the BranchCache feature for your application server?

A.    Install-WindowsFeature BranchCache, BITS
B.    Install-WindowsFeature BranchCache
C.    Install-WindowsFeature BranchCache, FS-BranchCache
D.    Install-WindowsFeature BranchCache, FS-Data-Deduplication

Answer: A

You manage a domain named You have a Windows Server 2016 DHCP server named DHCP1 and you want to implement DHCP failover with hot standby mode. You want to choose DHCP2, which is a Windows Server 2016 Nano Server, as a partner server. Which changes must you make so that you can use DHCP2 as a DHCP failover replication partner for DHCP1? (Choose two.)

A.    Authorize DHCP server DHCP2 in ADDS.
B.    Add DHCP server DHCP2 to the domain
C.    Replace DHCP2 with a Windows Server 2016 Datacenter server.
D.    Install the DHCP server role on DHCP2 and authorize DHCP2.

Answer: CD

You need to import 50 IP addresses from the network into your IPAM database through a CSV file named addresses.csv. The CSV file contains data for a field named Division. Which configuration steps should you perform? (Choose two.)

A.    Use Add-IPAMCustomField to create the Division field.
B.    Use Format-Custom to prepare the Division field.
C.    Use Add-IPAMCustomValue to add values to Division.
D.    Use Import-IPAMAddress to import from addresses.csv.
E.    Use Import-IpamSubnet to import from addresses.csv.
F.    Use Import-IpamRange to import from addresses.csv.
G.    Ensure that the RIR field and values are available in addresses.csv.

Answer: AD

On which object can you configure a persistent site-to-site VPN connection?

A.    Connection Request Policy on the answering router.
B.    Connection Request Policy on the calling router.
C.    Network Policy on the answering router.
D.    Network Policy on the calling router.

Answer: C

You have established a P2S connection to your Azure VNet. You want to verify the gateway IP address through which the P2S network traffic flows. Which command can you use?

A.    Get-AzureVNetGateway
B.    Get-NetRoute
C.    Get-NetIPInterface
D.    Get-VpnConnection

Answer: B

The socket pool enables a DNS server to use source port randomization when issuing DNS queries. Which command offers the greatest protection?

A.    dnscmd /Config /SocketPoolSize 1000
B.    dnscmd /Config /SocketPoolSize 0
C.    dnscmd /Config /SocketPoolSize 1
D.    dnscmd /Config /SocketPoolSize 1000 /SocketPoolExcludedPortRanges 1-65535

Answer: A

Many enterprise applications are developed for and hosted on Internet Information Services (IIS) web servers. Typically, the application is accessed from browsers on client computers. For these deployments, IT departments can benefit from prioritizing the network traffic that is associated with web-based applications. Policy-based QoS provides a feature, known as URL-based Policies, that enables administrators to place HTTP responses-to applications that are built on top of HTTP-subject to QoS control. Which URL below will recieve precedence (highest priority)?

A.    URL host
B.    URL scheme
C.    URL path
D.    URL port

Answer: B

With client reservations, you can reserve an IP address for permanent use by a DHCP client. Typically, you will need to do this if the client uses an IP address that was assigned using another method for TCP/IP configuration. If you are reserving an IP address for a new client, or an address that is different from its current one, you should verify that the address has not already been leased by the DHCP server. Reserving an IP address in a scope does not automatically force a client currently using that address to stop using it. Which ipconfig command would you use if the address is already in use?

A.    ipconfig /flushdns
B.    ipconfig /release
C.    ipconfig /registerdns
D.    ipconfig /renew

Answer: B

As traffic increases on a network, it becomes increasingly important for IT departments to balance network performance with the cost of service. However, network traffic is not easily prioritized and managed. Mission-critical and latency-sensitive applications must compete for bandwidth against lower priority traffic. At the same time, some users and computers with specific network performance requirements might require differentiated service levels. In Windows Server 2016, Policy-based QoS provides a new feature, known as URL-based Policies, that enables administrators to place HTTP responses-to applications that are built on top of HTTP-subject to QoS control. Which URL host below has the highest priorty?

C.    training

Answer: B

With the advent of subnetting, one can no longer rely on the definition of the IP address classes to determine the network ID in the IP address. A new value is needed to define which part of the IP address is the network ID and which part is the host ID regardless of whether class-based or subnetted network IDs are being used. The network ID implies a range of valid host IP addresses from?

A. to
B. to
C. to
D. to

Answer: D

Because the network ID bits must always be chosen in a contiguous fashion from the high order bits, a shorthand way of expressing a subnet mask is to denote the number of bits that define the network ID as a network prefix using the network prefix notation: /<# of bits>. What is the Network Prefix for Class B?

A.    /8
B.    /64
C.    /24
D.    /16

Answer: D

Server manager is a great tool for managing most of your server settings and configuration all in one central place. Which one of the following Server manager Features is used for management of Public Key Infrastructure?

A.    Active Directory Certificate Services
B.    Dynamic Host Configuration Server
C.    Domain Name Service
D.    WINS Server

Answer: A

DNS policy is a new feature in Windows Server 2016 that enables you to control how a DNS server behaves in a particular set of circumstances. What is the name of the circumstance where the DNS server responds to clients based on whether the client is external or interal to your organizations intranet?

A.    Filtering
B.    Split-brain
C.    Forensics
D.    Traffic management

Answer: B

You have a Remote Access infrastructure. You plan to implement DirectAccess. Which type of certificate should you install on each DirectAccess server? (To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.)




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