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Month – April 2014

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Vendor: IBMExam Code: P2140-021Exam Name: Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Mgmt for IT Tech Mastery v1 QUESTION 1What are two major advantages of deploying IBM Rational CLM in a distributed setup served by multiple Jazz Team Server (JTS) instances? (Choose two.) A.    lower total cost of ownershipB.    smaller repositories for backup and migrationC.    simplified linking of work […]

New Update Actual P2070-091 Practice Tests Help You 100% Pass Exam

Vendor: IBMExam Code: P2070-091Exam Name: IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise SearchProduct Fundamentals Technical Sales Mastery Test v1 QUESTION 1LanguageWare Resources includes the following, EXCEPT for _________________ A.    Parsing rules.B.    Dictionaries.C.    Correlation.D.    Break rules.E.    Character rules.

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Vendor: IBMExam Code: M2150-225Exam Name: IBM Tivoli Internet Security Systems Sales Mastery Test v2 QUESTION 1IBM Security positions its products as being “ahead of the threat-How is this achieved? A.    By relying on regular signature updates.B.    By not disclosing vulnerabilities until a patch is available for products.C.    By not relying on signature updates and utilizing […]

100% Pass M2020-624 Exam With M2020-624 Study Materials — Better Than Test-King

Vendor: IBMExam Code: M2020-624Exam Name: IBM Risk Analytics for Governance Risk and Compliance Sales Mastery Test v1 QUESTION 1Which option is not a pain point when selling a Governance, Risk and Compliance solution to the identified buyers? A.    Line of business managers lack risk data and intelligence to evaluate risk exposureB.    Lack of a central […]

Better Than Testking IBM C4090-450 Sample Questions Ensure 100% Pass

Vendor: IBMExam Code: C4090-450Exam Name: Midrange Storage Sales V1 QUESTION 1A customer with POWER7 servers running mission critical DB2 applications in a stock market transaction application have data centers at 2000 km distance. They need near zero recovery time. Which of the following is the appropriate solution for this customer? A.    DS3500 with Metro MirrorB.    […]

Real Cheap IBM C2180-400 Test Questions Help You 100% Pass From Passleader

Vendor: IBMExam Code: C2180-400Exam Name: IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management V8.0, Application Development QUESTION 1An application developer must implement verbalization changes in a rule project. This rule project:Is primarily maintained by rule authors in Decision Center which is the source of record (“source of truth”).Is not present in the application developer’s Rule Designer workspace. Does […]

Passleader New Cheap C2160-669 Certification Dumps Ensure 100% Pass

Vendor: IBMExam Code: C2160-669Exam Name: SOA Fundamentals [2008] QUESTION 1Which business driver would cause a company in the healthcare industry to consider SOA? A.    Government regulations for communication and interoperability between companies continue to change.B.    The cost of healthcare is increasing extremely fast and SOA will bring the costs back under control.C.    Since doctors and […]

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Vendor: IBMExam Code: C2140-637Exam Name: Requirements Management with Use Cases (Part 2) QUESTION 1Given: Consider the following set of initial user requests from a telephone company about a new customer service system: * The telephone company customer service system shall be able to record and answer questions about telephone installations. * When a customer requests […]

New Release Passleader C2090-610 Certification Dumps Ensure Pass Exam

Vendor: IBMExam Code: C2090-610Exam Name: DB2 10.1 Fundamentals QUESTION 1What is the act of exchanging one lock an application holds on a resource for a more restrictive lock on the same resource known as? A.    Lock escalationB.    Lock substitutionC.    Lock switch/exchangeD.    Lock conversion/promotion

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Vendor: IBMExam Code: C2070-581Exam Name: IBM FileNet Content Manager V5.1 QUESTION 1The Content Engine bootstrap account (ce_bootstrap_admin) is stored in the CEMPBoot.properties file that is archived in the Content Engine EAR file. What type of account should you use for the ce_bootstrap_admin? A.    Database account.B.    Directory server account.C.    Application server account.D.    Operating system account.

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Vendor: IBMExam Code: C2040-916Exam Name: IBM Forms 4 – Form Design and Development QUESTION 1All of the following are valid methods of using a schema with IBM Forms, EXCEPT which one? A.    Embed schema directly in an XForms instance.B.    Reference external schema on local file system.C.    Embed schema directly in an XForms model.D.    Reference external […]

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Vendor: IBMExam Code: C2020-612Exam Name: IBM Cognos 10 BI Author QUESTION 1The sales department requires a report that numerically compares the gross profit generated for all product lines in each territory. In Report Studio, which is the most appropriate report type? A.    ListB.    ChartC.    CrosstabD.    Map report

Passleader C2010-568 Braindumps Help You Pass Exam With 100% Money Back

Vendor: IBMExam Code: C2010-568Exam Name: IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics V7.1 Implementation QUESTION 1When trying to log in to Managing Server (MS), the Access Denied message appears. It is suspected that the password for accessing MS database has expired after 90 days due to the company security policy. How could this be […]

Passleader 350-001 Braindumps Help You Pass Exam With 100% Money Back (231-240)

QUESTION 231You deployed new fibers in your network to replace copper spans that were too long. While reconnecting the network, you experienced network problems because you reconnected wrong fibers to wrong ports. What could you do to prevent this type of problem in the future, particularly when connecting and reconnecting fiber pairs? A.    Only use […]

Passleader 350-001 Braindumps Help You Pass Exam With 100% Money Back (211-220)

QUESTION 211When troubleshooting a network, the output of the command show interfaces indicates a large number of runts. What is a runt? A.    the number of packets that are discarded because they exceed the maximum packet size of the mediumB.    errors created when the CRC generated by the originating LAN station or far-end device does […]

Passleader 350-001 Braindumps Help You Pass Exam With 100% Money Back (191-200)

QUESTION 191Half of your network uses RIPv2 and the other half runs OSPF. The networks do not communicate with each other. Which two of these factors describe the impact of activating EIGRP over each separate part? (Choose two.) A.    EIGRP will not be accepted when configured on the actual RIPv2 routers.B.    OSPF will no longer […]

Passleader 350-001 Braindumps Help You Pass Exam With 100% Money Back (181-190)

QUESTION 181Refer to the exhibit. BGP-4 routing to the Internet, in normal behavior, may create asymmetrical routing for different prefixes. The BGP routing table indicates that traffic should follow the paths indicated in the exhibit, but packets are not going further than the border router in AS 4. What could be the cause of this […]

Passleader 350-001 Braindumps Help You Pass Exam With 100% Money Back (171-180)

QUESTION 171Which two of these steps are minimum requirements to configure OSPFv3 under IPv6? (Choose two.) A.    Configure a routing process using the command ipv6 router ospf [process-id].B.    Add the network statement for the interfaces on which OSPF will run.C.    Configure OSPF on the interface that it will run on.D.    Use the passive-interface command on […]

The Professional Cisco 350-001 Exam Free Dumps Help You 100% Pass Exam (141-150)

QUESTION 141In order to configure two routers as anycast RPs, which of these requirements, at a minimum, must be satisfied? A.    Multicast Source Discovery Protocol mesh-groups must be configured between the two anycast RPs.B.    The RPs must be within the same IGP domain.C.    Multicast Source Discovery Protocol must be configured between the two anycast RPs.D.    […]

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