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[16/Aug/2019 Updated] Quality 776q N10-007 Exam Questions Verified By Experts Ensure 100 Percent Pass

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NEW QUESTION 744 Which of the following network topologies is primarily used to connect servers to large network disk arrays?

A.    SAN B.    MAN C.    CAN D.    PAN E.    LAN

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 745 A human resources manager notifies the IT manager the night before an employee will be terminated so the employee's access rights can be removed. Which of the following policies is being exercised?

A.    Privileged user agreement B.    AUP C.    Non-disclosure agreement D.    Offboarding

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 746 Which of the following protocols are used to configure an email client to receive email? (Choose two.)

A.    IMAP B.    SMTP C.    POP D.    SFTP E.    TFTP

Answer: BD

NEW QUESTION 747 A company runs Linux servers In its own datacenter and also on a popular public cloud service provider. The servers hosted by the cloud provider can only be accessed with proper authorization and are only accessed by the company's datacenter. Which of the following BEST describes the type of cloud architecture being used? (Choose two.)

A.    Private B.    Hybrid C.    Public D.    laaS E.    PaaS F.    SaaS

Answer: AB

NEW QUESTION 748 The help desk is receiving reports of intermittent connections to a server. A help desk technician suspects the server Is unable to establish a three-way handshake due to a DoS attack. Which of the following commands should a network administrator use to confirm the help desk technician's claim?

A.    nmap B.    arp C.    tcpdump D.    dig

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 749 A company recently completed construction of a new remote office. The network administrator needs to set up new network devices, such as printers and a local file server, at the remote location. The new devices need to be configured on the same Layer 2 network as the main office. Which of the following should the network administrator configure?

A.    Remote desktop gateway B.    Transport mode IPSec C.    SSH tunneling D.    TLS VPN

Answer: B

NEW QUESTION 750 Which of the following BEST describes the functionality of the root guard feature on a switch?

A.    BPDUs entering the root bridge are Ignored. B.    The STP root bridge cannot be changed. C.    Broadcast storms entering from a root port are blocked. D.    Loop protection Is enabled on the root port of a switch.

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 751 A technician discovered a company computer had a virus but was unable to remove it. The technician decided to erase the hard drive to eliminate the threat .Which of the following policies did the technician violate?

A.    Data loss prevention B.    Incident response C.    Asset disposal D.    Acceptable use

Answer: B

NEW QUESTION 752 A company hires another firm to test the integrity of its information security controls. This is an example of what?

A.    role separation. B.    device hardening C.    risk assessment D.    penetration testing.

Answer: D

NEW QUESTION 753 A technician is moving a company to a cloud email service. Several external recipients are reporting that email sent from the company is going to their junk folders because the sender's identity cannot be verified. Which of the following DNS record types should the technician modify to minimize this problem?

A.    CNAME B.    PTR C.    TXT D.    SRV

Answer: B

NEW QUESTION 754 Before upgrading the firmware on several routers, a technician must verify the firmware file received is the same one the vendor provided. Which of the following should the technician use?

A.    3DES encryption B.    SSL certificate C.    Digital signatures D.    MD5 hash

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 755 A vulnerability that would allow an unauthenticated. remote attacker to originate a DoS attack was found in a DHCP client implementation of a switch. Which of the following would BEST resolve the issue?

A.    Verity the default passwords have been changed. B.    Upgrade to the latest firmware. C.    Generate new SSH keys. D.    Review and modify the firewall rules.

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 756 A network technician is troubleshooting an issue routing TCP packets to an email server. At which of the following OSI layers is the issue occurring?

A.    Layer 1 - Physical B.    Layer 3 - Network C.    Layer 4 - Transport D.    Layer 7 - Application

Answer: B

NEW QUESTION 757 A vendor is installing an Ethernet network in a new hospital wing. The cabling is primarily run above the ceiling grid near air conditioning ducts and sprinkler pipes. Which of the following cable types is required for this installation'?

A.    Plenum B.    PVC C.    Single-mode D.    Cat 7

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 758 A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has decided to implement a secure and user-friendly way to connect to the corporate wireless network Each workstation will be authenticated individually using a unique certificate that will be deployed to the workstation by the organization's certificate authority. Which of the following authentication methods would meet this requirement?

A.    PEAP B.    WP2-PSK C.    Captive portal D.    EAP-TLS

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 759 Which of the following can be used to prevent unauthorized employees from entering restricted areas?

A.    Sign-in sheets B.    Video cameras C.    Motion sensors D.    Swipe badges

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 760 Which of the following is the physical location where the customer-premise equipment comes together with the ISP or third-party telecommunications equipment?

A.    Server room B.    Equipment closet C.    Demarcation point D.    Intermediate distribution frame

Answer: B

NEW QUESTION 761 A business with a point-to-point fiber-optic connection is suddenly unable to communicate between locations. A fiber cut is suspected. Which of the following tools should the network technician use to determine the exact location of the cut?

A.    Reflectometer B.    Cable tester C.    Loopback tester D.    Spectrum analyzers

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 762 A technician has been asked to diagnose problems with DHCP addressing on a VLAN. The DHCP server responds to pings from the technician's machine. Which of the following should the technician use to help diagnose the problem?

A.    Packet sniffer B.    netstat C.    nslookup D.    Spectrum analyzer

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 763 Which of the following Is an object held within an MIB?

A.    OUI B.    OTDR C.    OID D.    SNMP host E.    SNMP agent F.    SNMP trap

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 764 Which of the following allow for higher fault tolerance, availability, and performance across multiple systems? (Choose two.)

A.    Load balancer B.    Jumbo frames C.    Clustering D.    Round robin E.    TCP offloading

Answer: AE

NEW QUESTION 765 A network administrator wants to connect to a remote device via SSH. Which of the following layers of the OSI model is the protocol using?

A.    3 B.    4 C.    5 D.    6 E.    7

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 766 A customer wants to set up a guest wireless network for visitors. The customer prefers to not have a password on the network. Which of the following should a technician set up to force guests to provide information before using the network?

A.    Single sign-on B.    RADIUS C.    TACACS+ D.    Captive portal

Answer: D

NEW QUESTION 767 A network technician notices that switches of the same model have different commands and security features while administering them. Which of the following hardening techniques should the technician perform on a regular schedule to ensure all switches have the same features and security functionality?

A.    Change the default credentials. B.    Verify the firmware file hash. C.    Disable unused switch ports. D.    Apply patches and updates.

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 768 A network technician works in a large environment with several thousand users. Due to the needs of the organization, the network manager has asked the technician to design a solution that accommodates the data needs of all the users, while keeping all data on site. Which of the following solutions should the technician Implement?

A.    SaaS B.    SAN C.    NAS D.    laaS

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 769 A company is experiencing exponential growth and has hired many new employees. New users are reporting they cannot log into their systems, even though they are on the same network. The technician can see physical connectivity to the network switch along with their MAC addresses. Which of the following should the technician check NEXT?

A.    VLAN routing B.    Server-based firewall configuration issue C.    Patch cable type D.    DHCP scope availability

Answer: D

NEW QUESTION 770 A network administrator installed a multilayer switch In a shared closet. The network team will manage the switch remotely via SSH. Which of the following should the network administrator do to harden the switch in this scenario? (Choose two.)

A.    Disable TACACS+. B.    Disable HTTP management. C.    Configure the loopback. D.    Enable LACP. E.    Configure IPv6. F.    Enable port security.

Answer: AC

NEW QUESTION 771 ......

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